PSA Part Deux

1.  Be nice.  Even when it kills you.  Even when you want to punch that person in the face for being such a turd.

2.  Don't chew with your mouth open.  Minus-minus for food spittage issues because you are too busy talking.

3.  Ladies, ladies, ladies, wear a slip.  Please.  And other important undergarments.

4.  Watch a little Tyler Perry--everyone needs some Madea-ease in their vocabulary.  Trust me on this one.  And you might want to obtain your bag o' belts for certain occasions.  Again, trust me on this one.

5.  Don't "friend" people you intend to talk negatively about on FB or other forms of social networking.  This list includes but is not limited to:  your instructors/professors/teachers, your siblings, your BFFs, etc.  This was part one of the "Don't Be Dumb Series" last year in MU157 (shout out to some of my favorite peoples last year!)

6.  Once upon a time men held doors for ladies.  Please do this.  Especially if there are elderly ladies struggling with their canes.  You can get bonus points by saying, "My pleasure" when they thank you.  Make 'em swoon, fellas, make 'em swoon.

7.  Bacon makes anything better.  Sandwiches, potatoes, salads.  In fact, if you are having an argument with a friend, fix them a meal with bacon in it.  Buddies for life.

8.  Snot Rockets have never been, and will never be appropriate in public.  They are probably never appropriate.  Especially at the beach.  There are small children around you know.

9.  Sunshine, spinning, coloring, bubbles, blankies, silly bandz, cookies, cocoa, and dress up will make you a happier person.  Try it next time you feel unhappy.

10.  There is nothing cuter than nakey baby booty butt crack. Bonus points if they are running and giggling down the hallway.  Awww.

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