Hello Students

1.  Don't be dumb.  Think before you speak, laugh, or pass gas.  

2.  Just be nice to everyone.  Seriously, if you are just nice instead of showing off more people will like you.  Trust me on this one.  You aren't any better than anyone else.  If you were you would be on TV or something.  And even people on TV aren't always better.  So, again, you are just regular like the rest of us.  

3.  Go to class.  Easy enough.

4.  You are at school to learn--not socialize.  Please don't let me hear you whining about no social life blah blah because of Professor So and So's endless assignments.  You are paying tuition in part to pay us to make you work.  Get over it.

5.  Please shower. Regularly. With soap and shampoo.

6.  Take this time to be selfish with your time--learn, explore, study, enhance your skills.  You don't HAVE to have a significant other to function.  It's ok to be concerned about yourself.

7.  You will not understand everything that happens to you during your college years.  Then, you will look back and wonder why it was such an ordeal and wish for those days once again.

8.  Go to sleep on a regular basis.  Regular basis should not include class time.

9.  Your mom is no longer doing your laundry.  Time to learn how.  Do not wear rumply clothes or the clothes you rolled out of bed wearing as you dash to class.

10.  In t-minus 4 years you will be an adult.  Don't wait until a month before graduation to buckle down or graduation will become a dangling carrot and you will be the mule.  Neverrrrrr goingggggggg to make it.  . . . .

I'm excited to see you all very soon!  Happy Fall Semester!

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