feeling sorry for myself

This past week I was talking to some of my students about my drive to work.  Most people are surprised when I tell them I commute 2 hours one way to my job.  Most of the time they say either that I'm crazy or something like, "You poor thing."

I quickly remind them to never feel sorry for me.

I certainly don't feel sorry for me.

I do not have to face what my friend, Jill, is facing.

You want to talk about dignity?

You want to talk about bravery?

You want to talk about loving and praising God in spite of ridiculously unfair circumstances? 

Spend some time reading her blog.

Spend some time imagining an ALS diagnosis.

Spend some time in her shoes.  Or in her wheelchair.  Or with her machines and loss of mobility.

Spend some time having to face death square in the eyes.

Spend some time imagining the struggle just to be.

And suddenly your woes might not be so bad after all.

Jill, I love you so much.  My heart is completely torn in two this moment and I want you to know how proud I am to call you my friend.  XOXXO   

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