Thoughts on Thursday: Vacation Edition

1.  This weekend my awesome family is coming down to NC for a few days.  Rachel is getting married and we're going to look for flower girl dresses for our girls.  I'm so excited!!!  We love Josh (Dosh according to Lily) and we're glad he's going to be a member of our family!

2.  It is hot as Hades outside.  Molly was invited to the pool with friends from church yesterday--Lily was beyond dismayed.  Poor baby!  We may pull out the slip and slide later this afternoon.  It's just too hot out there right now!

3.  I'm getting started on my notes and powerpoints for my fall classes.  I'll admit it--I'm a total nerd when it comes to that stuff.  I love the feeling of getting ahead!  I've got a few new classes starting in the fall so I'm looking forward to see how they go.  I have a lot of work to do--but with my degree completion it should be manageable.

4.  My bedroom is getting cleaned--today!  It's so ridiculous!  I should really take before and after photos but I'd be ashamed to show you what kind of cluttery mess we've been sleeping in the past few months.

5.  Chris and I are taking a mini-vacation next week in celebration of our anniversary and my degree completion.  We're headed to Savannah and staying at The Marshall House--which might be haunted!  All I know is that if I see a ghost I may just pee my pants!

My mom is keeping our girls so it will just be the two of us!

I'm also very, very, very excited to eat at The Lady and Sons.  If I see Mrs. PD you may see my face on the news---I adore that woman and her recipes!

6.  I have a wart on my toe.  So gross.

7.  I've been to the beach several times this summer and have decided that it has become a high priority for the rest of summer to be there as much as possible!

8.  My girls and I have really enjoyed the summer reading program at Sheppard this summer.  It has been a great way to keep Molly reading, quiet time activities, and better than tv/movies all day long--especially on these days it is way too hot to be outside during the day.

9.  I'm ready to get started on a Christmas puzzle today.  I would love to complete one a month--which could be framed and become great gifts or decor.  We found some really nice ones on clearance at Barnes and Noble a few months ago that are so cute--I can't wait to get started on them!

10.  I'm currently looking for cute fabric to recover my kitchen chairs.  I'm going to use our $4.00 samples from Sherwin Williams and then cover the cushions.  It should be a quick and cheap fix.

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