Super Mom

Today has just been one of those chained to the house sort of days--I've been doing laundry since last night and I'm still not done.  Blah.  I don't mind the putting of laundry into the machine nor the folding.  But the putting away is my least favorite thing to do.  Yuck.  I hate it even worse when I'm doing mega laundry like today post-camp and vacation since I'm not only doing clothes but sheets and towels and other items we don't normally all wash at the same time.  However, I believe that if it went to the camp or in a suitcase it must must must be washed.  I always have a fear of a hidden spider or tick or germ or who knows what so I have thrown everything in the wash.

Buster also decided to poop in his cage AGAIN while we were gone, so that involved cleaning the blankets, scrubbing the cage, the wall, and the floor.  

Not-So-Graphic-Random-Thought:  And, am I the only one that thinks there is a difference between poop and another 4 letter word?  This may be completely random, but when Buster normally goes it's a nice and tidy little poop.  Easily picked up with tissue.  However, when it is smeared it suddenly goes from poop to that four letter word in my mind.  For example, I think not nice things like, "I am absolutely tired of cleaning up dog (insert other four letter word) in my kitchen for the 2nd time in a week."

I also feel this way when I visit a less than stellar restroom.  Usually in a gas station.  

I am working on repenting.  I never, ever use this word in conversation.  But I can't help it--there is just a distinct difference in my mind.  

Anyhow, so I'm folding and putting away and also decided since just about all items were pulled out of Molly's drawers to go through all of her clothes and uniforms and see what fits, what goes to GCF, and what goes in the attic for Lily.  I dislike this as well--and I thought Molly was going to have a nervous breakdown, but it had to be done.  School uniforms go like crazy when they are put out and you have to get a few key pieces right away or go out of town.  It looks like we only need one or two more items to get her through the winter.  She will need new shoes--and she may resort to her signature Crocs, which while not as fashionable, she loves and can put them on by herself in the mornings--a lovely, lovely few minutes when I'm trying to get everyone out the door in the mornings.  

Summer is quickly drawing to a close for me and I will be returning to the office for a few weeks before the start of the semester the first of August.  I dread the end of summer--but I look forward to the months following--the Perfect Day, DCB conference, autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving. . . leading up to CHRISTMAS and cooler weather.  Hopefully it will be a less stressful year because I'm not dealing with graduate work this year HURRAY!!!!

So, for the time being I will continue to wash, fluff, and fold, being grateful that I'm able to be semi-stay at home mommy even during the school year, and that this helps my household run better and remain happier.  And that will simply be enough.  

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