Rachel & Jo-osh sittin' in a tree. . .

Awww Rachel and Josh are getting married!

So cute.

We went shopping with my family (minus a few) and found the most precious flower girl dresses EVER.

Seriously.  Ridiculous.  Cute.

Poor Rachel.

Lily and Molly are going to have cute factor on lock DOWN.

But, what a beautiful, wonderful, December event it will be!

After a long day of shopping it up in Raleigh, Rachel, Robin, and I sat around the table last night eating salsa (perfection!) and looked at recipe books while discussing reception food.

So, my question of the day. . .

What is the most delicious thing you have ever laid your lips on at a wedding reception?  I mean, to the point you were starting to be rude on your 4th trip to the food tables?  Or parked yourself in front of the platter so you could just "casually" scarf down the food as you chatted with people?

Comments appreciated!

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