My Heart is

Full:  Chris and I had a wonderful time in Savannah--and I hope to devote an entire post to our trip soon.  We stayed in an awesome hotel with a special visitor, ate some delicious food, walked a million miles, and just had fun being together.  It was a nice trip and I'm glad we were able to get away for a few nights alone.

Exhausted:  We have been going, going, going since last Saturday morning and I'm tired.  We have a "day off" tomorrow as Chris makes last minute camp preparations and then it's off to camp Sunday through Tuesday morning.  Lots of packing to do.  Oh me.

Contemplative:  I did some soul searching while in Savannah.  I have lots of thoughts and things going on in my head and I really hope some of them come to the light.

Industrious:  I saw 2 or 3 really cute and/or practical items in some of the shops and said, "I can totally do that."

Weepy:  I have several serious situations on my heart--mainly the health of a few friends or parents of friends.

Glad:  My kids and husband are so important to me.

Silly:  I am so tired I'm slap happy and the dumbest things are making me giggle.

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