Motherhood Is

Dirty, grassy babies after a morning in the pool.

Upside down 3 year olds half in and out of said pool.

Little girls laughing so hard they are crying at the howling neighbor's dogs (and in their defense, it was the most peculiar sound ever).

Enjoying a stolen moment of peace on the backyard swing and reading a book while babies splish and splash in bliss.

Mind rolling over ever-present to-do list.

Deciding that perhaps it is a big t-shirt and uw sort of day and maybe shopping to get a few items can wait until tomorrow.

Deciding again that perhaps a surprise movie as a family would be a better option--especially when it's $1.00 popcorn day!

Feeling an overwhelming urge to snuggle up with a blanket and nap with your kiddos.

Take kids to see movie--very glad you did.

Smallest child throws TANTRUM in bathroom because she is fearful of automatic flushing potties.

Promise spanking as soooooon as you arrive at the car because of the sea of mothers in the bathroom.

Father hears small child and gets really angry and takes care of spanking for mommy.

Long drive home results in very little noise.

Headache begins.

BLTs for dinner and girls entertain themselves with library books.

Bedtime on time this evening--long chat with small child about staying in her own bed tonight so mommy and daddy can actually sleep.

A long bath with library book.  Wonders if she actually could stay in until the water turns cold.

Knowing these days are short lived and one day I will look back and miss the simplicity (what?!?!?!) of these days.

Listening to Maroon 5 on FuseTV and wonders why they have to say so many bad words.  What a great band. . . .if only there was an alternative that I didn't feel so dirty for liking.  . .

Wondering what tomorrow will bring--and dreading the trip to Walmart because we need to repair nose piece on Lily's glasses.  Wahhhh.


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