And no where to be. . .

I'm delighting in:

1.  The ability to wear my nightgown and glasses all day if I want to.  Please do not come over until at least 4:30pm because at that point I will have tried to look presentable for Kim as she is coming to do my hair.

Oh yes, I need my hair did in the WORST way---it's out of control.

2.  This wonderful breeze!  Oh my goodness!  It is heavenly outside today!  I am loving keeping my windows open and getting some well needed fresh air in the house.  I'm so tired of it feeling stale and cooped up!

3.  Reading "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey.  Great read.

4.  Catching up on laundry and cleaning--at my own pace.

5.  Hoping to get my room looking awesome this next week--it is in serious need of attention.

6.  Spending time with my sweet girls and cute husband.

7.  Kristi and Joe are getting married this weekend! :)

8.  Life is nice right this minute.  And that's all I need to worry about--right at this very minute.

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