Camp Blog

Absolutely filled with inside information but must be remembered for at least 3 weeks:

1.  Green ice cream is mint.

2.  Back tat flash by 6 year old boy.

3.  Wet milk in a bag=elusive ice cream.

4.  Ring Worm.

5.  James Madison, the girl.

6.  "Oh.  My.  Gosh."

7.  Thunderstorm and 5-7 year old girls.  

8.  Sweaty little boy hugs.  Or denial of said hugs.  

9.  PJs at Pop Shop.

10.  Mismatched shoes.

11.  Lost and Found pretty panties.

12.  Wall-E is the darkest movie ever.

13.  Soapy heads--but clean heads.

14.  Tangles.

15.  Belly Flop 2010.

16.  Jordan loves camp spaghetti.

17.  Mike wears belts (but only name brand).

18.  Water balloons.

19.  Jordan's operatic debut.

20.  Chris N.  skipping following camper departure.

21.  Jordan's girlfriend.

22.  Froggy in the shower.

23.  "How old are you??  6????  You don't act like it."

24.  Rock Paper Scissors to avoid ADD All Stars Team.  Whewwww.

25.  "You're not homesick, you've just got the snubbs."

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