Thoughts on Thursday

1.  I am not loving this heat.  I cannot open my windows at any point in the day without muggy ugh entering my home.  No fresh air in the home makes for a grumpy Amanda.

2.  I have to complete my presentation for my powerpoint--today.  Ready for next Tuesday to get this show on the ROAD.

3.  I am craving fruit.  Lots of fruit.  Nothing but fruit will do in this heat.

4.  I like the newly brown hallway--but must cut door frames and trim before company comes on Monday (2 ladies also in my graduate program presenting/testing on Tuesday).

5.  Yesterday was ridiculously busy, stressful, and fun.  The girls and I headed to the free movies (after backtracking for forgotten library book bag to return books to get more POINTS and PRIZES), saw Curious George complete with emotional breakdown from my eldest because George was captured and away from his yellow suited human but it all worked out in the end resulting in tears of joy what in the world, to Sheppard and pleaded with Lily to not be afraid of automatic flushing device and just go before she wet her pants in the library, collected PRIZES and checked out a lot of books, had an hour to kill before meeting out of town friends--so drove to get drinks from BK because it was hot as Hadees (yes, pronounced with eez) and it was after 12pm--low blood sugar moment and past naptime equals grumps and returned Redbox rental to HT, met friends in old BW3 building now Armadillo Grill or something of the like, caught up with fun friends, went to UBE and purchased ECU notebook for test on Tuesday, Silly Bandz and Pirate foam sword, raced home before clouds of fury opened on my hair family, quick naps, race back across town to Ruby Tuesdays--salad bar is the only thing worth eating these days not nasty chicken parm, came home watched "Twilight" with Rashur and Tytarr, hilarious stories of family disfunction, and bed.  Holy moly.

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