Thoughts on Thursday

1.  I am really digging the fact that Molly's on summer vacation.  She is clearly not.  She had a GREAT year and a fantastic teacher--we all loved Mrs. Payton!

2. I really like my students.  They are so cute.  And funny.  I spoke to a new student the other day on the phone and I'm so excited to meet the new ones coming in the fall!

3.  I got my sewing machine!  It is a true antique--but so special to me as it was my grandmother's--AND I found a sticker with my grandfather's name on the side of it.  My grandfather passed away when I was 3.  I'm the only grandchild that remembers him.  I have sewn exactly three lines (I'm probably not using the right terminology) on an old piece of fabric.  I was very proud of those lines.

4.  My sewing machine smells funny.  But comforting at the same time.

5.  I have more revisions to do on my capstone--but it's almost done.  I will get more done today and send it in for a last check by my advisor, send it to the whole panel by Monday, and have it printed and bound next weekend.  And THEN on Tuesday the 22nd I'll take my test and present and (hopefully) GRADUATE!

6.  Cilantro and lemons and my sweet tea are the best.  Ever. Ask Rachel.

7.  Have you read this or this or this?  Awesome reading.  Take some time and read them!

8.  I slipped and slid with my kids yesterday.  They had bad form and I had to correct them to gain maximum sliding potential.  No, there were not pictures of this.  But I am slightly sore in a few places this morning.

9.  Am I the only person that finds men wearing sweat pants or tank tops outside of the gym offensive?

10.  My kids are OBSESSED with Shrek.

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