Thoughts on Thursday: Renovation Edition

In order to avoid working on my capstone, I've been inspired by HGTV and DIY to upgrade some items in our home.  Some of these are cosmetic and some are more challenging.  My major goal this summer is to work on the following items:

1.  Paint mantle.  Our fireplace left a nasty soot stain this year and we had to wait for the winter months to be over before we could repaint it.

2.  Paint our kitchen--remove 1990 wallpaper.  I have picked out a color--neither of which are pictured here.  I'm going grey--but lighter than the sample on the right.

3.  Paint our entry area and hallway.  This has been banged and scuffed several times since we've moved in.  The color pictured is the color it will be eventually.

4.  Update table in kitchen.  This is a hand-me-down of a hand-me-down we were given we we got married.  It's going to receive a coat of paint--which is the grey pictured in this photo--because I have a $4.00 pint of it and new fabric on the seats.

5.  Our bedroom.  Color yet to be determined, but if nothing else I'm needing it to look more lovely and less ugh.

6.  Our front patio area--lots of weeds, needs some pop.  Gonna to be a reckoning.

7.  Our trim.  Lots of it.  Lots of white paint.

8.  Pillows recovered.  We have several pillows in our house that just need to be covered in new fabric.  I'm inheriting the sewing machine--so it will be an easy fix.  I'm also thinking that if I were to stick tea bags from some of my favorite herbal teas if that would make them smell better.  I think I would enjoy putting my head down and smelling something like that--wouldn't you?

9.  I'm not going to kill myself to get this done.  Luckily I enjoy home repair.

10.  This is a vicious cycle.

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