Avoid the Chub Rub.

Desitin will assist with chub rub.  

What's chub rub you ask?
(According to the Urban Dictionary) Chub Rub:  the rubbing and chaffing of chubby thighs against one another during long walks or duration of activity

You know, when your thighs burn and you do a crazy waddle to prevent them from touching/rubbing while you're trying to look cute in those summer skirts and dresses.

I cry just thinking about it. 

Here's another secret--you don't have to be chubby or a girl to have chub rub.  Runners or people who are extremely physically fit suffer from this as well.  It's ok--we all have it and yet no one speaks of it!  
Desitin used to only be a smelly white paste--but now (cue heavenly music) you can buy it in a clear version--no smell, no paste, no chub rub. 
Do yourself a favor--go over to your nearest Target or Walmart and buy a tube of the good stuff before heading out today in the 90-degree heat.  You can look cute AND avoid the waddle walk of shame.  

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