A.V.Ery Aviary

Hey Everyone!  It's me, Lily.  You can call me Broke Eye Baby.  Or Pirate Baby.  Or Lil' G.  I answer to just about anything.  Please ignore that glare on my glasses.  You know I'm blind as a bat and that I have to wear these things.  I don't really care--I hear even kids in Florida are trying to rock my style.  

I'm sure most of you know that I just celebrated my 3rd birthday.  I bought something really awesome in Lowe's the other day with my birthday money.  

Some kids buy stupid toys--but I'm way too grown for that.  

I bought my outside birds a feeder and mom put it outside our kitchen window so I can check them out anytime I want.   See it on the hook?

Did you notice that I'm all dressed up? 
 I like to look nice all the time--you just never know if someone is going to stop by.

I'm sure some of you are wondering if I can actually see the birds because you're worried about my vision.  

Obviously you don't know how resourceful I am.  

I just pull out my binoculars from my toy box.  

What?  You want a close up of my binoculars?  

Aren't they pretty?

Sometimes the birds take a long time and act like they are too cool for my feeder.  


It's really not a problem because I'm patient.  And sometimes I tweet at them from inside the house. 

I speak baby bird you know. 


I'm so cultured and eccentric my mom thinks that I'm an old lady trapped in a 3 year old body.  

But, she thinks I'm pretty awesome.  

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