Who are We and WHAT have you done with the Averys?!?!

Today we did a lot. A lot for the Averys at least:
  • Went to the doctor at 9am to get Molly's stitches out.  We told her it wouldn't hurt.  She thinks we lied to her.  Apparently it hurt

  • Went to Home Depot to compare their crape myrtles with Lowe's.  They didn't have any.  False advertising.  
  • Went to THE Fresh Market to buy steak for dinner--and salad and dressing and candy because Mr. Gary pulled up beside us in the parking lot and gave my girls a dollar each because he had seen Silas the day before and apparently bought him some candy so he must be fair. Love Mr. Gary.  Said hello to Tytarr.
  • Went to the farmer's market to buy tomatoes and shrimp for Chris and Molly.  Saw a stand for turkey BBQ--very interesting, but we didn't buy it today.  
  • Came home, ate lunch, Lily took a 4 hour nap. 
  • Watched Chris move the patio pavers to prep for a concrete pad so we can move the hot tub off the porch.  It's not as glamorous as one might think. 
  • Went to Sherwin Williams to see what my favorite online colors looked like in real life.  They looked like vomit and pea soup and ugly.  Picked out 4 samples to try on my kitchen and hallway/foyer.  Love them in the cute sample cans--you were right Laura!--for $4.00 each.  I'm a sucker for brown, grey, and shades of brown and grey.  
  • Went to Lowe's to purchase a crepe myrtle and 2x4x10s to put around the concrete pad. 
  • Prepped steak and salads for dinner. 
  • Planted crape myrtle by myself.  
  • Cleaned dirty children. 
  • Watched HGTV and DIY with Chris.  
  • Painted sample colors on walls.  Stepped back and looked at them.  Not bad. 
  • Ate apple pie with Chris.  We were hungry. 
  • Have annoying bug bite.
Pretty tired, but a good day.  :)

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