What a Gift

Today I met with Megan, Jill's daughter, at the Art Room and talked about her show.




Lack of coherent sentences.

Like. :) (that's for her. . .in the event she reads this)

We had some heart to heart, some artistic education (for me--to help me better understand the process), and some chuckles and smiles about her mother.

Jill is very special, no doubt, and Megan is high up there on my "I like these people" list.  

Megan, and her work, gave me a lot to think about and process.  I'm working through it all in my mind.  In fact, I called Chris on the way home to make him jot down some thoughts that were jumbled in my head.  I have children in the bathtub and a capstone to finalize, but I promise there will be something of substance through all of this.

Very chaotic, I recognize.  

But she (and her mother) have given me a gift in the middle of all this tragedy.

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