What do you need?

For the record, I am NOT referring to the lovely ladies at my current church.  

This article struck a chord (DING!) with me this morning.

I have always been a little weary when it comes to rah rah women's groups.  I have been burned personally and burned out listening to groups of ladies talk so ugly about one another one moment and then spread their poopeatin' grins and say things like, "Hello Margie (I'm trying to think of a good old lady name)--I just love your sweater" (which comes out like "sweat-ah" in my southern brain) knowing good and well Ethel had just slammed that sweater to her Ladies Circle Home Girls.

But, there are times it would be nice to just get together and DO something worthwhile.  I would love to help someone paint, learn to work my grandmother's sewing machine when arrives, throw pottery, learn stained glass, cook something delicious, and laugh without the agony of pretentious church ladies ready to put their claws into each other.

I hope I'm never like that (and I have had my moments like everyone else)--and I have a lot of friends who are never like that.  I have my church friends and acquaintances, and then I have my real, honest-to-goodness throw you in front of the truck but never under the bus friends.  I love these ladies like they are my blood kin and I would do anything for them.  In some ways, we've developed our own circle on our own terms.  Which is wonderful, unforced, and real.

So, I would love to see/hear what people would love to have someone to do something with them.  I think it would be interesting to see what people come up with--and if connections could somehow be made.

My "circle" ladies have taught me a lot of things, but most importantly that life is short.  Too short.  Why can't we take advantage of this time together and connect with one another.  A lot of us are facing pain and struggles--but I think most of us would welcome time for ourselves with another lady who just needs a break, too.

Without the tea and petit fours. . . unless that's what you want to do with another lady. . . and then, well, that's ok, too.

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