Thoughts On Thursday

1.  I am in love with this website!  Such cute stuff!

2.  Molly's stitches are still in and (knock on wood) will be taken out on Saturday morning at 9:00am.  I'm wondering if I should go, or perhaps let Daddy handle this one.

3.  KJ-52 is performing at our church this evening!

4.  I am design and decor starved at the moment.

5.  Lily is 3!

6.  Quilting patterns (with way hipper fabric) are exciting to me!

7.  I'm waiting to hear draft reviews from my panel. . . .since Sunday. . . .and it's due next Tuesday. . . .crickets. . . .

8.  I like the feeling of a clean house.  Too bad mine's not.

9.  I am so excited about Eclipse.  Don't judge me if you haven't read the books. . .

10.  Tomorrow is my last working day of the semester!  HIP HOP HOORAY!  HO! HEY!

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