Thoughts on Thursday: Tuesday Edition

Looking for reader interaction here. . . 

1.  I am wanting to sew and quilt.  Any recommendations on sewing machines?
2.  I am enjoying eating more raw and natural foods.  
3.  I have a LOT to do in the next two weeks to get my capstone submitted.  UGH!
4.  I love The Office.  And Steve Carrell.  
5.  And Tina Fey. 
6.  I am interested in making strawberry jam.  Any good recipes?  
7.  I visited my parents this past weekend.  I really miss my hometown and surrounding area.  Not just the people but the atmosphere--military, coastal. It's completely different from Greenville.  
8.  I love seeing my little girls in nightgowns.  So summery, so cute!

9.  I am still stewing on my thoughts from meeting with Megan last week.  I crave more cultivation in my world--I need to seek out more opportunities for artistic education and how that can apply to me, my work, and my ministry.  
10.  Sunburn.  Bad.  

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