Smells Like Teen Spirit

I have recently purchased a new brand of dishwashing soap.  I only picked it up because I had a good coupon and I was looking at the cost, not the brand or the scent.

Just that it would only cost me about $0.50 for a large bottle.  I love, love, love Triple Coupons at HT!

Anyhow, when I used it the first time this week, the aroma hit my nose and I immediately thought of my aunt's laundry detergent smell.  I breathed it in over and over and just enjoyed those 5 seconds of nostalgia.

I love that!  I love smelling something and being reminded of a happy memory.

(Usually happy anyhow.  When I smell black mold I immediately go back to the days of Floyd and cleaning out friends' apartments.  That's obviously not so pleasant.)

I've been trying to come up with other smells that remind me of my past:

Jute rugs:  the old rug in the kitchen of my first childhood home.  Back when we lived in the GHEtto.  When we were the only people on our street who had a working telephone.  When people would come over all hours of the night wanting to use our phone to call a cab or a pizza.  One night around midnight the neighbors came over pounding on the door asking Daddy to call them a pizza.  Daddy said through the closed door, "You're a pizza!" and turned the light off on the porch.  True story.

Pearberry from Bath & Body Works:  my roommate from college, Charlene, used to swear by that fragrance.

Lavender:  Reminds me of my babies after their baths.  I recently bought another bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in lavender because I missed smelling the sweetness on them.

Comet Cleaning Powder:  My mom used to swear by the stuff to clean the tub--gets the grimy ring around the tub right off!  It smells very. . . green.

Spring Water:  hiking a mountain trail at Ridgecrest and sipping some with my hands from a cold stream.

Satsuma from the Body Shop:  reminds me of high school.  I used to ration the body wash because we didn't have a Body Shop locally.  I would only use it on special days like date nights or when I wanted to feel cute.  When we were in NYC in October, we got off the subway one night and I instantly smelled that--not the first thing you expect to smell down there.  Turns out there was a Body Shop at the top of the exit burning the fragrance oil.  Yum!

Cigarettes, Motor Oil, and Car Grease in dirty car shops:  Reminds me of my Papa's car alignment shop.  Before he died, I loved going into to his shop and sitting on upside down crates drinking soda in a bottle and eating orange octagon crackers.

Woods by A&F:  Lots of boys I knew wore this scent in high school and college.  Usually they were really cute or trying really hard.

Coffee:  Reminds me of my mom's house--I loved waking up to that smell, even if I didn't enjoy the taste at the time.

Bacon and Grits:  Reminds me of my grandma's house.  Ed used to make us all a big breakfast when we spent the nights--delicious!

Morehead City Waterfront:  fresh fish from a recent catch (ugh) and salty air.  Reminds me of being on the water with my dad.  Throw in an obnoxious sea gull and I'm in heaven!

What about you?  What are the smells from your past?


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