Retreat! Run Away!

That's what I want to do when I think about my capstone which is looming.  I can't believe it's due in almost a week and a half!  I'm ready and not ready all at the same time.  AGONY!  I have a ton to do--but I should be ok to turn it in on time.

To Do List 
(only because Neal Alligood actually had to ask me about this on River Day--I'd hate to let him down!)

  • Submit Literature Review/Paper (somewhere between 10-20 pages as my panel does not seem to agree on the length) for final revisions by this weekend, due June 1st
  • Submit 12 Lessons with materials for final revisions by this weekend, due June 1st
  • Complete power point, due by presentation
  • Update annotated bibliography for final revisions this weekend, due June 1st
  • Bind project (luckily my sister works at FedExKinkos)
  • Schedule written exam, most likely around June 15th
  • Schedule presentation, most likely around June 21st
Somehow, someway I will get this done.  I will get this done.






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