Good Morning Sunday

I have coffee brewing, a newspaper to read, a capstone to edit (finally got some comments back after waiting about a week--and it's due on Tuesday. . . I can see the light at the end of the tunnel), some paint samples smeared on some walls which I am in love, love, love with and can't hardly wait to put all over the rest of the walls. . . AND a puking 3 year old (which means sheets, bedspreads, pajamas are in the wash, sick blanket covering the sofa, baby wearing nothing but undies because I'm tired of adding more pjs to the wash with every vomit, lots of hugs and pats on back, washing faces and hands and necks, disinfecting bathroom with each puke, mopping must occur, and questionable food choices).

Yet, life is still good.  

Please also pray for our good friends, Troy and Heather Milburn.  Heather's mom passed away today after a series of issues resulting from a stroke and car accident several years ago.  Even when you know someone's health is failing and that death is coming, it doesn't make losing someone you love any easier.  However, Heather is comforted by knowing her mother has been made whole and she will see her again soon.  Thank You, Jesus, for the promise that our pains and struggles are temporary.  Thank You for the promise that we will overcome these trials.  Thank You for the comfort and peace of mind that comes in the face of death.  

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