Because I Knew You'd All Be Concerned and Curious Readers

I'm up to page 56 of the capstone.  I have a good chunk of the work completed and will send this draft to my panel readers to see what else I need to add or delete.

In case you are curious about how this process works (if not, just skip this paragraph), my panel consists of 4 members of the music ed faculty and I will submit all of my written documentation by June 1st NEXT TUESDAY!!!  They will give me the go-ahead or a woah-nelly.  If I receive the first (which I seriously hope is the case) I will make an appointment to take my written exam (which takes the average student around 3 hours to complete) and then schedule my oral presentation of my project (which I am allotted 30 minutes to speak).  When I complete my project I am literally sent out of the room while they decide if I graduate or not.  And then, if I graduate, I take my form across campus and turn in my request for my diploma.

And then you can start calling me Master Avery.  

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

All joking aside, I really want this to be behind me.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to work and complete a graduate degree at the same time, but I'm at the end of the program and I'm tired.

Tired of working on homework, tired of making my brain think after a long day at work, tired of rushing home to submit something before midnight, tired of having to mentally "check out" of my family life because I have an assignment to take care of.  It's been a long 2 years in some ways (and I started my blog when I started this degree program) and I can't believe it's finally coming to an end.

So, please pray with me as I complete this process.  I want to complete things well.  It's just who I am--I do things as well as I can.  I'm anal that way.


  • Submit Literature Review/Paper (somewhere between 10-20 pages as my panel does not seem to agree on the length) for final revisions by this weekend, due June 1st
  • Submit 12 Lessons with materials for final revisions by this weekend, due June 1st
  • Complete power point, due by presentation
  • Update annotated bibliography for final revisions this weekend, due June 1st
  • Bind project (luckily my sister works at FedExKinkos)
  • Schedule written exam, most likely around June 15th
  • Schedule presentation, most likely around June 21st
  • Submit Capstone to committee members, June 1st

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