And then things took a dramatic turn. . .

This morning Lily and I texted Lindsey, Silas, and Savannah to see if they wanted to meet for a playdate at Barnes and Noble around 10:30am.  I also had a little birthday money and a nice coupon from Hallmark--which is right next door!  Lily and I arrived early and I picked up a few things--a bunny basket for Lily ($1.00 clearance!), Silly Bandz for Molly & Lily to share for Lily's birthday favors, and some blocks to go on my mantle which spell "laugh."

Lily and I went next door and realized that it was story hour and there were a ton of little children--but NO ONE was at the Thomas train play area.  We played for a few minutes and then the Woolards arrived.  We played and chatted for a few minutes and my cell phone started ringing.  I saw an unknown number and decided against answering to be polite and things were kinda crazy with children all over the place.  Then my phone rang again and this time left a voice mail.  Something told me to check my messages and it was Molly's teacher calling to say that Molly had fallen down off of the playground at school and her chin was going to need stitches.

EEK!  Lily and I quickly said goodbye and raced over to meet Chris at the school and then the doctor's office.  I called my mother in law to come sit with Lily in the event we needed to have stitches.  Carolyn agreed to meet us at the office.  When we pulled up Chris and Molly were standing in the parking lot.  I almost cried when I saw her--she had blood all over her clothes and neck and legs.  They took her straight back and she was so scared she was shaking all over.  I immediately felt so sick to my stomach--I do not do well with injuries, blood, bodily fluids--and to see them on my child just made it worse.

She kept saying she was scared and she was tearing up trying to be brave as they flushed her wound.  I still felt sick but I kept talking myself out of it.  The nurse said most likely she would need stitches and let us move to a bigger room.  Carolyn arrived at this time to help take care of Lily.  My head started pounding and I got really light headed, but I kept talking myself out of it as we moved down the hall.  The nurse was already getting the instruments ready for the doctor.  My nose started burning but I just kept breathing and trying not to lose my cool.

Molly was trying so hard to be brave, Chris and his mom were sharing stories of Chris' injuries (am I the only one who never had stitches or broken bones (ever) until I had children???)  The doctor came in, decided she needed stitches, and left to get ready.  Carolyn took Lily to the waiting room and Molly laid back on the table.  She was so scared and started tearing up and making these whimpers--I've never seen her so upset.  I wanted to cry and scoop her up in my arms but I knew we had to get through the stitches first.  She was crying and the doctor warned her that he had to give her a shot first before he could sew her up and that the shot would hurt and she had to lie still.  She started crying and Chris and I held her hands and legs while the nurse held her head still.  I did fine until the doctor started with the shot--and the first dose was ok, but the second must have hurt worse because Molly let out a scream and I made the mistake of looking and saw her gash oozing and her chin meat all hanging out--and I started to feel very tingly all over.

I recognized this feeling--the feeling before I pass out.

I started breathing really hard and noticed things were getting black.  Chris was telling Molly all these stories and I just said, "Chris." hoping he would see that I was not doing well.

He ignored me.

I said, "Chris!" and the next thing I know I was being laid down on the floor by the nurses.

I passed out.  Apparently during this time Molly was freaking out and Chris caught me before I fell on top of her.

I heard people saying, "Lay her down, lay her down" and I thought they were talking about Molly--and I said, "She is down--I have her legs!" because the last thing I remember was holding Molly's legs down.

They gave me some chucks to put my head on and elevated my legs while continuing to work on Molly.

I was so embarrassed.

Really embarrassed.

But, I was too sick to move and I felt like I was going to vomit so I stayed on that floor.

I finally felt better but graciously accepted the offer for water and Coke from a nurse.  I still felt so sick, but I wanted to be brave for Molly.  Chris said I was as white as a sheet and sort of green, too.  I just sat in the chair on the other side of the room.


They continued to work on Molly and she went to sleep on the table while they fixed her chin.

Chris suddenly turned white.

I thought--now this is just great.  Both parents are going to be worthless in a minute.  Poor Molly is being sewn and she's just fine. But, Chris left to get some fresh air and water--the doctor didn't let me come back over to talk to Molly (not that I blame him).

Chris came back, I was feeling better, and Molly was cleared to leave.

5 stitches.  Pretty nasty mark.  

Molly was better when I told her she could have all of the Silly Bandz and she could pick whatever she wanted for lunch (Olive Garden).

Molly is feeling ok--but a little sleepy acting and she said her tongue hurt, too.  I'm pretty sure she bit a chunk out of it when she fell off the equipment.  Poor baby.

So, that was our exciting day--I'm glad that I do not have anywhere to go this evening.  I just want to crawl in the bed with my big girl and rub her back until both of us fall asleep.

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