Short Update

This will be a quick update--tour is going well.  My students have sang so well and our churches have been more than gracious!  We have had a lot of good memories and laughs along the way.  I've learned a lot about my students and I love them more and more (in a totally platonic, I don't date my students, I'm not trying to go to jail sort of way).  

We've performed at two churches, visited at a local Christian childcare and school, hit Universal Islands of Adventure (because I couldn't do Disney without my children and lerve).  We're headed to Downtown Disney this morning (doesn't count as a real Disney experience--and I'm buying stuff for my girls) before driving an hour to our next performance tonight.  We have a long drive tomorrow to South Carolina, performance tomorrow night, and then we're headed back to NC on Friday.  

Please continue to pray--it has been hard to be away from my girls.  Chris has held down the fort and while things have been a little crazy (dishwasher broke, Lily has wet the bed, Buster peed on Molly's bed, etc), everything is good at home.  We performed at a 2-5 year old chapel and there was a little girl with cute pink glasses--looked very much like another little girl I happen to love and miss.  I teared up for a minute--and then asked Twine to say something mean to make me laugh and all was fine.  

Please also pray for the students.  They have done so well--minimal drama (at least none I'm aware of), performed well, and they have really had a good time.  Tonight and tomorrow will be the hardest.  We're very tired and tempers can flare when you are exhausted.  I hope they will remain focused and enjoy the last two performances.  I'm so proud of them--they have come so far!

Please pray for safe travels--we'll be on the road a lot.  

Please pray for safe return to our families. 

Please pray for the churches, their members, and the host families we're staying with.  So far we have been blessed with some wonderful places and faces. 

Well, time to meet everyone downstairs so we can head out for the day!  See my local people soon!

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