Laundry List of Prayers

I am so glad I had the day off today!  It was nice for our family to be home together and do Avery things like:

1.  Go to Lowe's. :)
2.  Work on home improvements
3.  Play outside in the sprinkler
4.  Take naps
5.  Eat "whatever" for dinner
6.  Dance and sing and play

Working on homework and laundry are at the top of my to-do list for tomorrow. I leave at the end of the week (either Friday or Saturday--most likely Friday) for our tour.  I'm excited and sad and ready and not ready.  I'm thinking of asking my students who also blog to guest blog while we're gone so we have many points of view and stories on the trip (what do you think?  Mike, Erin, and Stephanie?)

I am so conflicted as a mom.  I've been trying to spend as much mommy-kid time with my girls.  I really want to soak them up--and these awful thoughts like, "What if this is the last time you see them?" have been creeping in my brain.

I know these thoughts are not from God.  

Please pray specifically for this trip:

1.  We share the love of Christ through song to people who need to hear (or maybe need to be reminded)
2.  Safe travels
3.  Smooth schedule
4.  Good worship (no sound issues, good blend/balance, no screen issues, no instrument/vocal issues, no directing issues)
5.  No stress--at least not the debilitating kind that makes my throat constrict and my head hurt.
6.  Safe return
7.  That our loved ones are safe while we are gone
8.  That our students and I get along well with one another--I don't need no drama on this trip!
9.  The churches are welcoming and kind--and that we leave a good impression of Christ and of the school.
10.  The hosting families and hotels who are housing us

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared a little.  This is a big deal for me--and while I'm delighted at the opportunity, I'm scared, too.

So, please pray, pray, pray for this trip.

And for me.

And for my family.

And for my students.

Thank you very much.

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