It's a new dawn, it's a new day

Buster and I are holding down the fort this morning.  He's usually whining at 6ish which normally is ok as the girls and I are up for school, but weekends it's something else.  But, if I put him back in his cage he whines and I get annoyed, so it's just easier to make the coffee, check email, and enjoy the quiet.

Today is another busy day--church and then the CCF Senior Dinner.  Some of the alumni come back to serve the families and help set up/take down.  It's a nice event---I remember my senior dinner ahem 9 years ago.  2001--wow!  What's neat is if all goes to plan I'll graduate in 2010--0-1 and 1-0.  I'd love my license plate to say something like 01ECU10 or something equally cute.  Gotta support my Pirates in the land of the Pasquotank!

I have a final due tomorrow, have exam review with my theory students tomorrow, a quick rehearsal for graduation and Molly is going on her first field trip.  I'm excited---she's THRILLED!  She has been slightly under the weather this weekend and I've been loading her up with Benadryl.  Hopefully she'll be feeling better today.

I know this is short and slightly chaotic, but I'm going to enjoy the quiet for a few moments.  Happy Sunday!

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