Thoughts on Tuesday

1.  I'm ready to get this tour on the road.
2.  I'm ready for graduate school to be D-O-N-E
3.  I like spring.
4.  I am enjoying the flowers in my yard and around the city.
5.  I like the Avery Hot Tub Club
6.  I am really overwhelmed with responsibilities these days.  Whew.
7.  Singing is fun.
8.  I still like my students and my job--remarkable. I've NEVER been able to say that with 100% conviction.
9.  I miss being less than 30 minutes from the ocean.  Even though I really don't care to get in the water or get sandy soggy bottom.  It's nice and relaxing though.
10.  I am thinking of Texas and visiting Waco 9/30-10/2. Who's with me?!?!
11.  Worship is fun.
12.  Buster stinks.  Bad.
13.  Lily likes getting in the hot tub.  Major accomplishment.
14.  I need a maid.  Or a day off to clean.
15.  I like the Hulk and I can't wait to ride it in t-minus 2 weeks from TODAY!

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