Here We Go! Here We Go AGAIN! (updated and slightly longer)

Gospel Rally next Thursday and Friday (which means a night away from home)
Pre tour Info. in the mail by tomorrow to our hosting churches  Emailed all hosting churches with info letter, requested mailing addresses, added one more performance to the tour thus will have posters printed and mailed early next week
Guitar lesson every Tuesday or Thursday
Video Class performing and load for web class
Video myself teaching and load for web class
Work on independent study activities for diversity class
Performance in Elizabeth City (night away from home)
Performance in Chesapeake (night away from home)
Tour (one entire week away from home)
Take Molly's St. Patrick's Day Green snack to school  Ordered green popcorn from Pirate Popcorn for Tuesday AM pick up, purchased green cups and "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" napkins from Target

Submit thesis plan to committee by MONDAY with annotated bibliography 
Find place to spend the night the 3 nights I'm in EC the next 3 weeks Yea for good old CCF/University CoC friends now living in the EC area! :)  Brandi (Ludford) Jordan is awesome!


I want to say something positive.  

I am SUPER EXCITED about a class I'm formulating for next fall/spring.  I can't go into specifics quite yet, but I have a good feeling about it.  I also am adoring my worship minor students (and other ones, too) more and more everyday.  They make me laugh, they are fun to be around, and I can't wait to see what incredible things they are going to do for the church.  Watch out, world--MACU is putting out some good folks these days!

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