Gospel Rally & Updated To-Do

I apologize for the lack of cute updates on life around the Averys lately.  'Tis the season of insanity around here these days and will remain until I return from tour mid-April.  

Here is the updated to-do list as of 9:45am:

Gospel Rally Thursday and Friday  (night away from home)
Pre tour Info. in the mail by tomorrow to our hosting churches 
Guitar lessons every  Thursday

Video Class performing and load for web class
Video myself teaching and load for web class
Work on independent study activities for diversity class
Performance in Elizabeth City (night away from home)
Performance in Chesapeake (night away from home)
Tour (one entire week away from home)

Take Molly's St. Patrick's Day Green snack to school  

Submit thesis plan to committee by MONDAY with annotated bibliography  
Find place to spend the night the 3 nights I'm in EC the next 3 weeks 
Run programs for tour locations
Put CCLI info. on tour slides

Gospel Rally has come and gone.  I think Arron Chambers is one of the best speakers I've heard in a while.  Yea for the Whites and a Marty and the Hands for the lunch invite (remember folks, I cannot STRESS the importance of praying before you eat).  Molly had a ball at the YMCA.  I battled spring allergies and mustered my way through the ridiculously high alma mater.  My students performed very well and it was a nice ceremonial moment when the Queen passed the baton to me on Friday morning for the group sing.  I actually got a little teary because of the magnitude of the moment and how gracious she has been to me.  Some people would be a jerk when they handed over the reins, but she has been a gem.  

I did ask her if I could give her a crown and a "retired" sash like the beauty queens would wear but she wouldn't have it. 

Now, I must convince myself to buckle down and complete all of my assignments for graduation in addition to mentally preparing myself for everything that has to occur between now and summer.  


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