Tough Stuff

Ministry is tough stuff.

There are days you feel on top of the world--ready to celebrate the wonderful things you've witnessed.  You see God moving, lives changed for the better, and wave that banner high.

Other times you feel like you're at the bottom of the barrel--ready to hang your head and cry because try as you may you just can't please everyone.  You feel Satan creeping in, lives are changed for the worse, and you really want to crawl under a rock.

No one quite understands unless they are or have been in the ministry themselves. I've written before about being the maid that raises the people, and then slapped with the reality that we're just the hired help.

There are days I love my job.  There are days I feel like I can't do anything right.

There are days my husband and other ministers love their jobs.  There are days they feel like they can't do anything right.

Even Jesus' best pals bailed on Him.  He understands how we feel.

It doesn't change the fact that it's hard sometimes.

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