Today Was. . .

Cold.  While I didn't see much wintry precipitation (I believe I counted 7 flakes in the Target parking lot), it was wet outside as I ran errands with my family and later by myself.

Loud.  Children who don't get to run around outside because of cold weather become increasingly loud and crazy.

Inspiring.  Attending The Fresh Market food tasting and looking at all the organic and natural reminded me to want to cook better.  We eat too much crap.

Shaky.  What happens when I go too long between meals--an overall ugh feeling and instant irritability.

Better.  After a quick lunch I was back to myself again.

Quiet.  Molly went to a friend's house and Lily took a nap.

Peaceful.  I went to Target and Barnes and Noble by myself, saw some snowflakes, listened to some great 90s music on the XM, and refused to get irritated by the large amounts of people out and about.

Scary.  I received my requirements for my graduate project sheet today.  Oh me.

Sleepy.  This weather is great for snoozing.  The girls have had dinner, baths, and pjs on and it's only 5:45pm.  Early bedtimes for all tonight!

Hopeful.  I found some great deals on plane tickets to Orlando. . .maybe, just maybe, we can squeeze in a trip to the house of mouse later this year.

Funny.  Chris and I cracked up at "What Not To Wear."  I love it that he enjoys watching that show with me.

Good.  Overall a pretty good day.

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