On the Road Again

Driving to MACU yesterday was not awful, but not the best drive.  Roads were still gross between here and almost Windsor--and some slick spots and a very close near miss with a big truck kept my heart racing.  Blah.

Today the girls and I are jumping in the car (after I pick up Molly from school at noon--and they have a delay today but that's just how it goes today) and heading to Jacksonville to surprise my grandparents.  Today is their 61st(?) wedding anniversary and we're going to take them out to eat.  They have no idea my sister or my family is coming.  They will be so pleased.

After the death of my grandfather last year, watching things unfold with Jill and her family, and knowing Rachel and her family I've been reminded to not take one day for granted.

I'm so glad we can celebrate with them today--what an accomplishment!

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