On My Mind

I am very glad to have a husband who can tinker on cars and perhaps save us hundreds of dollars by doing the labor himself.

I really hope this car gets fixed so I can drive it again to EC and avoid major gas bills, as well as avoid a trip to the mechanic.

I do not want to go to my guitar lesson today.  My fingertips are killing me with new callouses.  I don't mind them normally, but my hands are extra sensitive for some reason right now.  I know, wahh wahh.

I like HT Express Lane.

I no longer fear that something might happen to me or the kids while I'm on tour in April for a week with my students.  However, I do have concerns about how I'm going to afford it.

I wish the economy would turn around rapidly.

I like my job.

I'm overwhelmed with deadlines and responsibilities these days at work and at ECU.

I have to decide my final project topic ASAP and get my committee together ASAP.

I can't wait for summer.

I wish Buster would stop peeing in the house.  I really am going to kill that dog one day.  Sneaky little stinker head.

I can't believe I have spring break in a week and a half.  I have a TON of catching up to do--and time to do it.

I have an enormous zit on my forehead and it hurts every time I smile or wrinkle my head in concentration.  Gross.  

Lily no longer screams when she potties--praise the LORD!

I sincerely hope that this was a fluke and not a problem because of her 2-vessel cord.

Lily still rocks her patch and will until at least April.

I wonder if Lily will need eye surgery?

Someone said they heard something about snow again on Monday.  Even I'm over it at this point.  And I love, love, love snow.

Evan, Dave B., and I had a conversation about eating placentas yesterday.  Gross.  Then Mike wrote a song about it.  Foul.

I want my students to learn theory--and appreciate it.

I am feeling ok.

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