Yesterday, I received an email from Molly's teacher that a little boy in her classroom had kissed Molly and it really freaked her out.

Apparently, as Molly was going into her class yesterday morning, some of her classmates were headed to breakfast.  Molly said she froze as one little boy "started skipping over to me and hugged me and KISSED me on the cheek and then said, 'See you later, girlfriend!' as he went back to the line."

Molly didn't know what to do, so she kept walking to her classroom and announced to her teacher's assistant, "Mrs. Edwards!  Robert Kelly just kissed me!"

The assistant called the teacher to tell her that Molly was freaking out (and for those of you who haven't met Molly's teachers, please know that they are hysterical and I bet they were ROLLING!)

My child?  Dramatic?  Freak out??  What?!?!

So, when the boy came back to the room Mrs. Edwards asked him if he kissed Molly and he told her, "No."

Molly was called over and Mrs. Edwards asked him again and before he could answer Molly said she jumped right in and said, "Oh yes he did!"

Mrs. Edwards talked to Robert about how little boys don't need to be kissing little girls and sent him on his way.

No big deal.

The part that really grossed out my child?

The fact that while Robert was talking to Mrs. Edwards he was sucking his thumb, and had to go wash his hands.

After I picked up Molly from school yesterday, we ran some errands and went to Kohl's, Krispy Kreme, and Lowes.  While we were at Lowes, Rachel called to see if she and Tyler could come over to hear the story firsthand.  Apparently, Uncle Tyler was not having some little boy kiss on his Molly.

Chris laughed when he found out.

I think the Mount rose up in Tyler because he was ready for blood.

This morning, I reminded Molly not to make a big deal out of the kissing incident, but if that boy kept telling her that she was his girlfriend she could say, "I'm your friend, but not your girlfriend."

Moral of the Story:  If you still suck your thumb, you're too young to be kissing on girls. 

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