Back to Life, back to Reality

This is a quick post before I jump in the shower to get ready for a day at work.  Luckily, I arranged for my first 9am class to be cancelled so I could leave later this morning.  I'm hoping to get on the road by 10ish and hopefully the icy roads will be better.  I went out to get the paper and my driveway is still very slippery in spots.  I'm not looking forward to my extra long drive either.  In order to miss most of the ice I'm taking all main roads--this will add almost half and hour to my drive in my estimation.  Blah.

I would just cancel the whole day, but I feel badly about that.  Two of my classes only meet once a week and we already missed one day as the semester started on a Tuesday.  Blah.  I'm not gonna lie and say that I really wish I could stay home one more day with the kiddos, but I'd feel guilty if the roads were clear by 10 or so and I chose not to work.

However, I'm not loving the idea of it. . .I'mjustsayin'.

I did download the new Lady Antebellum from iTunes and a few other of my favorite songs to make a good driving CD--hopefully that will take my mind off the long drive.  Blah.

Be careful everyone that has to return to work today--don't be crazy!

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