Snowy Day and Head Colds, Hurray!

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sight!

Molly and Lily were very, very excited!  

I was just a little excited.  

Even Chris got in on the action by hurling iceballs of doom at my children (gasp!)

Unfortunately, I think I've earned the high honor of being the next Avery with the Winter Cold 2010--lucky me!  As long as I don't tilt my head (or lay down) everything stays in my head/nose/sinus cavities.  Bleck.  But, it is a perfect day to stay inside, catch up on school work, play the Wii, put together a puzzle or two, and enjoy our warm fire together.  I'm thinking of loaded baked potatoes for dinner--maybe a movie later with Christacular. 

Enjoy this snow everyone--it's not often that we are forced to stay home with our loved ones.  For those of you who have to go to work, be very careful!  Those roads are ridiculously icy!

I'm off to find my Vicks Vapor Rub and snuggle down on the couch.  Have a great day everyone!

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