Sick Baby=Tired Parents

Chris and I are beat.

Lily has been sick all week, and he and I have been up all hours of the night taking care of her.  She hasn't slept a full night in, oh, 6 days now.  We've traded who actually gets out of the bed and tends to her, but no one sleeps when a 2 year old is screaming, crying, calling your name, whining, or coughing up a lung.


I feel like a zombie.  I can't think straight.  Last night I sat down to complete my homework while Chris was at the lock in.  I put Lily to bed early, grabbed my homework. . .and lost an hour or so of my time.

I don't know what happened.

Seriously, it was just gone.

I have no clue, but I didn't get my homework done like I wanted.  I didn't really sleep well last night either because I had a 2 year old bed buddy.

A kicking, coughing, potty training bed buddy.

I. just. want. to. sleep.

I feel like a mother of a newborn.  When you walk around in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation and all you can think about is when you might be able to grab a nap or even 5 minutes of alone time.

You envy those people in public who are perky.

You remember those days you used to be a perky person.

You start going into survival mode:

"If I can just make it to Sheetz I can get coffee.  And a Dt. Mt. Dew.  And some Claritin D.  That will get me through the morning. . . and then I can grab something on the way home today and maybe get a nap while the kids are burning the house down."

"Does anyone really care if I haven't shaved my legs in 3 days?  It is winter and cold as crap outside.  Besides, Chris is so sleep deprived if he notices, I'll just tell him it's a bad dream."

"How in the world does this child operate on 2 hours of sleep?"

"How the heck do people with 8 children not lose complete control?"

For all I know, I have become one of those horrid mouth-breathers.

Those of you who know me well understand my horror.

For those of you who don't, please take my advice:  Next time you are doing nothing that requires brain power--check your mouth.  Is your mouth perfectly sealed, or are you catching flies?

Having that "no one's home" look on your face coupled with a slack, open mouth is offensive to others.

It gives the impression that you are unable to multitask.

For goodness sake--SHUT YO' MOUTH!!!


Note:  Those individuals ridden with allergies or colds which require mouth breathing are excluded from this rant and rage.  However, you better have some Kleenex or cough drops on hand to prove your condition to the public.  

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