Hair Cuts, Homework, and a Wedding!

This morning I got up and fixed my children their favorite breakfast to date:  pancake on a stick, sliced oranges, and strawberry smoothies.  Please don't start clapping--I merely microwaved the pancake, cut an orange, and peeled the top off of the pre-made smoothies (HT super deal--oh YEAH!).  However, my children went on and on about the best breakfast EVER.  It doesn't take much. . .

It's been an eventful week--students are back to school, classes have started, and I worked 4 days this week instead of my usual 3.  I was feeling the burn last night as I completed my homework for the week.  I made myself go to bed at regular time instead of falling into my routine of staying up later on the weekend.

This week I did ok with my daily list--towards the end of the week I found myself more distracted and more harried because I chose not adhere to my list a couple days.  I began making other projects priorities instead of sticking to the list.  Honestly, I should just stick to the list instead of bringing more work on myself!

Yesterday afternoon I came home and pulled out my coupons.  For those of you in the Greenville area, you know I'm a big HT shopper.  While I know they tend to be more expensive than FL or K, I find I always get out cheaper because I put my coupons and list to use.  I've started making my list online and either going through the Express Lane or printing my list and doing the shopping myself.  I am able to see exactly how much it's going to cost which allows me to stick to my budget for the week, and if I do the shopping myself I can apply my coupons to the current deals.  It is a little more prep on my end, but I can easily zip through the store and not be swayed by the end caps or promotional items.

Simply by sticking to the list.

Amazing, isn't it?

This morning Lily and I are getting haircuts, Molly and I need to do some homework, and this afternoon we are going to Connie's wedding.  It's going to be a great day!

Coming Soon:  Molly Defends the Honor of Fellow Classmate, Has a Sick Day, Learns about Martin Luther King, Jr., and Encourages the Music Substitute.  (She's been very, very busy this week. . . )

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