Cooking with Foods that Rot

Chris and I have been very poor eaters since we've been married.

We were broke as a JOKE when we first got married, then moved to a place that had poor appliances (the oven gave off fumes when it warmed--I was pregnant--not ok), then we had children and all their yummy box contained foods, and we're just busy and lazy.

I would call myself a good cook.  I like the science of cooking--experimenting, bringing flavors together, feeling GREAT when I deliver something yummy to my family.  I'm not Julia Child, but I'm a good cook.  I just usually don't have good ingredients or make the time to do so.  

We've had this ongoing dialogue about how we need to eat better and then we don't.

I can feel my body feeling the burn and agony of gross and poor nutrition.

A few years ago we watched the documentary "Super Size Me" and were really good about avoiding McDonald's for a while.  Then Molly discovered her love of the Happy Meal and we rediscovered the joys of not having to cook.

Blah.  Vicious cycle.

So, I, too, like Lauren and Oprah, have discovered this Food, Inc craze and I'm starting to see the value of eating well.

So, I'm starting with baby steps.  I'm going to attempt to try to cook at least one meal a day comprised of real food.  Or, in Pollan-ease--foods that will eventually rot.

Poptarts do not rot.
Cheetos do not rot.
Chefboyardee or however you spell it will never, ever rot before Jesus returns.  Gross.

Will I cook 100% organic?   Not right away, but I'm looking into it.

My goal for week one--use fresh ingredients, unboxed, unprepared, or ones that will indeed eventually go bad (my dairy products obviously will be canned/packaged) and see what happens.

I'm going to be searching for some yummy meals and if I run across any that work I'll let you know.

Today's meal:  Baked Potato Soup from scratch--IN THE CROCKPOT!!!  Perfect for a day like today!

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