Christmas Time is Gone

I love Christmas--and I'm creating a mini me apparently.  When I told Molly the tree and everything was coming down today she sighed very heavily and said, "I miss Christmas already."

Me too, little one, me too.

Today it will all come down and then go up into the attic.  I am leaving my garland on the mantle because the reds, whites, and greenery somehow looks very wintery and romantic.  I'll put it up in February after Valentines Day.

I have purchased some Valentines place mats and I look forward to putting them out.

My mother-in-law gave me a floor mat for the kitchen and I have enjoyed having a mat under my feet while I wash dishes.  I may invest in a new one that will take me through the year.

I have a cute holiday rug by the front door and I would like to get a different everyday one.  I'm not gonna lie--I'm one of those ladies who likes pink and polka dots.  I like to indulge my inner child in items that we use daily but are not major home furniture pieces or accents.

Chris and I are sort of at a crossroads with our home.  We would love to have more space--maybe add on a garage and bonus room, or possibly move.  We are so happy here and at our church, but I guess there is a part of me who is always a little hesitant to put down roots.  I guess I feel like if we moved or added on it would feel like we were saying, "Yes, we will be here for a long time."  Ministry is a funny thing as the Lord often says when we least expect it, "Ok, that was fun, but now I want you to go THERE."

And, as His servants, we will go.

So, I guess I'm hoping that maybe the Lord will send a clue bird to whisper in my ear, "Yes you will stay/go and you should do ________________."  Wouldn't that make life easier sometimes???

And for the record, we are NOT contemplating moving away from here--the house I'm in love with is exactly one mile away from our current home.  

So, in the meantime, we have decided to work on the home we currently have.  Maybe we'll move, maybe we'll build, maybe we'll stay.  The nice thing this is that we aren't in a situation in which we HAVE to decide today or tomorrow or even next week.

Chris and I are talking to his cousin (who is in the flooring business) about putting wood floors down and tile in our kitchen and bathrooms.  If you've been to our house, you've noticed the 1990s green floor of doom in our kitchen as well as the fruity wallpaper which makes me roll my eyes.  Soon and very soon it will be coming down.

Just like my Christmas decorations.


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