Odds and Ends

This afternoon we met up with Lauren at ECU for our family photos.  It was a balmy 41 degrees--but Lauren is a real trooper to shoot the Averys in all adverse weather conditions.  Seriously--looking for cold, monsoons, or thunderstorms?  Just ask us to book a Lauren photo session.  It's almost become comical. . .

As always, I'm very excited to see what she caught this go-around.

Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at Cubbies (I don't even remember the last time I ate at the downtown location) and headed home.  The girls played with their promised bubbles in the kitchen (bribes to behave during pictures), steam mopped the floor, and now Christacular and I are relaxing in the living room with our tree, fire, and Star Trek (for him exclusively because I am NOT a fan).

We have church tomorrow, my parents are visiting my sister's church for her cantata, and then this week I have office hours to keep at MACU.  I'm looking forward to relaxing my hectic pace for a month or so.

Big items on my to-do list this week include:  try new sugar cookie recipe, clean our bedroom, make outdoor Christmas tree, complete Christmas presents, and take daily naps.   

Oh yes, this is MUCH more like it. . ..

Finally, I would really like to read something new.  Any suggestions?  I typically enjoy historical fiction, girlfriends, and Christian reads.  I'm not looking to think hard for the next month or so, so please try to keep it light!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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