Hallmark Resolution

Anyone see the new Hallmark commercial?  Mom and daughter are shopping and there are words like "love" "joy" "peace" (very fruits of the spirit-ish) on shopping bags, trucks, etc.

Then the announcer comes on and says something about shopping in hopes of finding meaning inside of the Hallmark store.

Pardon me if I choose to ignore the commercialism of Christmas to find MEANING.

Now, I am not a total scrooge.  I adore the holiday.  I adore the festive decorations and presents and Santa as much as anyone else.  But at the end of the day, my "love," "joy," and "peace" come from a tiny baby born in a manger 2000 years ago.  I think the reason we fail to have any love, joy, and peace during this time of year is because we are so busy having a holiday instead of taking time to praise God for the great things He has done.

Whenever I feel harried or overwhelmed it is certainly not from praising God!!!

And THAT would be something, wouldn't it?

Instead of killing ourselves to fulfill all our holiday fantasies, we choose to overwhelm ourselves with praise to the Most High.    

This is my Christmas resolution.
This is my New Year's resolution.
This is my yearlong resolution.

This is my resolution.

Here is our King
Here is our Love
Here is our God who's come to bring us back to Him
He is the One,
He is Jesus

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