Stuffed Like a Turkey

That is how I feel in anticipation of this holiday season!  Break out the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, mac and cheese, carb-explosion!  I am pouring over cooking shows and recipes.  I am salivating at the anticipation of the feasts I will be enjoying and already feeling the burn from my guaranteed "I will work out this year!" New Year's resolution.  I look forward to the naps post-facial stuffing and the delight of sharing the holiday with the ones I love.

This year we have made some command decisions--primarily we are staying put this holiday season.  Every year we load up and meet my family elsewhere--Jacksonville, Delaware, etc.  It's such a chaotic time--loading up the car, riding all day when I really just want to be laying around with my kids--and then only to arrive as desserts are being served.  Bleck.

So, this Thanksgiving we will join the Averys at the fire station in Chocowinity and then--go home.

Christmas Day this year we will be HOME.  We have invited everyone to dinner, but my children will get to have Christmas Day at their house this year.  They will not have to shove Santa's treats in a corner and quickly jump in the car.  They will not have to spend the day in the car with no restaurants open, no clean bathrooms, and no way to play with their new things.

No, no, no--not this year.

My children will wake up in their beds, open presents, eat a delightful breakfast, play with their treats, TAKE A NAP, help decorate for company, and welcome everyone to our home this year.

And I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

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