O Happy Day!

Last night we celebrated the men and women of our church that volunteer in our different ministries.  It was awesome to have an opportunity to thank all of the people who serve week to week in order to show Jesus to our church family and friends.  Yea for church volunteers!

Now for the shameless plug:  If you are not currently involved in your church, find a way to help out!  Someone has to keep the nursery, teach Sunday School, greet new people, pass out bulletins, make phone calls, tend flower beds, sing/lead worship, run the sound board, cook cookies for our visitors (yes, really!)  My point is that there are many jobs that people fail to notice because they think church is about the preacher.  There is always something to do for anyone and everyone.  You can do it!

Today is my last free day before my program next weekend at MACU.  I have to complete the powerpoint (which hopefully will quickly go into Propresenter), complete the bulletin, and finalize my staging.  Whew!  A lot to do, but I'm ready to get it all behind me.  :)  It will be a busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to it.

This cloudy and wet weather has really increased my desire for Christmas decor.  I already have my tree up, but I may take a few more items out of the attic today to continue the decor.  I want to enjoy my house during Thanksgiving break and not feel like I have to rush the holiday at all.  I want to bake, snuggle with my family, and relax a little.  :)

Happy weekend! :)

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