I will indulge. . .

in the simplest of pleasures.

I will smile when I hear Christmas music played on piano and guitar, violin, or cello.  I may even cry.

I will stare at the sun rise as I travel on the bridge over the sound on my way to work.  I will gasp as the sky turns everything orange and how the water looks like glass.

I will adore my little girl with crooked ponytails and crossed eyes because she likes to wear princess dresses, high heels, and a crown 8 days a week.

I will admire the way the Christmas tree casts a soft glow in the room.

I will love the look of winter--bare trees, frost, and maybe, just maybe a hint of a snow forecast.

I will drink warm teas and ciders and smell the warmth.  You know what I mean.

I will snuggle under flannel sheets and take time to wake my body from head to toe.

I will breathe the aroma of a home cooked meal.

I will listen in delight as my little girl reads to me from her favorite stories--amazed by her sudden ability to just read without any prompting from me.

I will delight in my stinky Ewok looking dog because he always greets me with his toy.

I will look forward to the cold winter--knowing I can lay in front of the fireplace.

I will put sparkly toe nail polish on because it makes me feel glam and girl all at once.

I will be ever so thankful for a husband like Christacular, my lerve.

I will sing as loud as I can with all of my might.  Because I CAN.

I will enjoy good movies.

I will deeply smell my Satsuma body gel from The Body Shop (not to be confused with the whore store the one that sells nice skin and facial care items, candles, scents, and lotions)

I will love holiday food.  Oh yes I will.

I will smile at old people, wave at babies, and wink at children.

I will give thanks for another day.

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