I have some really great students.  I adore all of my students, but I have a special few that are so wise and strong.  They are going to be great leaders in the church one day--and I'm so blessed to know them.  They make me laugh, smile, and are positive people to be around.

I have the Queen who is just awesome.  She is so good to me and is a mentor and friend.  I'm so blessed.

For the first time in a long time I have some really good girlfriends.  Ones I can call and chat with about everything and nothing.  We laugh and cry together and I love them.  I'm so blessed.

I have a supportive husband, Christacular, my lerve.  He is a strong man to put up with my whims and bull-headedness.  He loves me despite my imperfections.  I'm so blessed.

I have two kids that I adore--they are insane, crazy, and hilarious and I love them to pieces.  I'm so blessed.

I have a great job that allows me to do it all--wife, mom, teacher, student, worship, and love.  I'm so blessed.

I am so blessed.

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