When there aren't good words to use. . .

My friend Jill often talks about "sitting" Job-style.

Sometimes you feel like you need to say something.  

Today I felt that urge to say something to someone.

I've been wanting to say something for quite sometime, but didn't quite know what that something needed to be.

I'm not a good speaker.

I like to write things down, practice, re-write, and then maybe think of something better to say, or just chicken out.

There have been times that I've opened my mouth only to shove my size 7s inside.

So, today was THE DAY and I was not going to allow myself to chicken out.

Mustering every ounce of strength, I went over to speak to that someone.

Honestly, you would think that I was going over to speak to someone extremely famous the way my mouth dried up and my hands got all clammy.  It was almost ridiculous.

I stumbled through my words, trying to get them across just right without saying something incredibly insensitive or thoughtless. Heaven forbid I say ANYTHING that is on "the list" that Janine talks about.

I don't think there were any words fitting for this situation.

Sometimes I think it has to be easier just to cry and shake our heads because words can't describe this kind of situation.

And while what I said wasn't the most wonderful, inspiring, or eloquent thing, it was completely honest.

And I just wanted to say something.

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