Why is Lily more prone to puke?

Who honestly knows.

I am so blessed to have two darling little girls. They are, as a general rule, pretty healthy and sturdy. They manage through their daddy's and mommy's hectic schedules like champs and rarely show any signs of fatigue.

However, of the two, Lily's stomach is much more sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if she's inherited my champion gag-reflex. My family used to make fun of me for being so picky when it comes to eating, but honestly it's a combination of a sensitive stomach and an overwhelming urge to gag when I eat certain textured foods. It's not a mind over matter thing either--I just can't do it. Period.

Other times I wonder if she's just two and wades through the germs of the church nursery rooms or if Molly brought home some new germs from school.

This age is well known for putting things in their mouths and sharing germs better than they share toys.

Who knows.

But I did not enjoy cleaning up dog vomit (as Buster ALSO has a sensitive tummy apparently) only to hear Lily shrieking first thing this morning because she had also puked in the living room.


I hadn't even had my coffee yet.

I was still slightly bleary-eyed and not quite ready to face the world.

Why on earth do they wait for Chris to leave and THEN start puking?!?!


So, I have washed a load of bedding, pulled out the sick blanket for the couch, bathed Lily, cleaned the carpets, and is trying to remind Molly that one cannot play rambunctious games with little sister when said sister's tummy is unpredictable. Lily seems to be doing ok right this very minute, but she's feverish and cranky. I'm waiting until a little later to try some crackers.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone--

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